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Rachel Ehrlich


Rachel Ehrlich’s multi-faceted background as a casualty and coverage attorney, insurance claims person, underwriter, and executive makes her perspective on mediation unique.  Ms. Ehrlich has a deep understanding of the insurance industry and the factors that motivate both claimants and insurers to settle cases. By establishing rapport with the parties through candid communications, she develops effective resolution plans that are acceptable to opposing parties in mediation.

Strategic Resolution Planning

Throughout her career, Rachel Ehrlich has developed and executed strategic resolution plans for thousands of pre-litigation disputes and litigated cases.  She has undertaken multiple roles in the mediation process: decision-maker, mediator, counsel of record, party representative, and insurance executive with the final settlement authority.  Ms. Ehrlich’s most satisfying work has been the facilitation of negotiated resolutions of multi-party disputes.

Insurance Claims

As a claims executive, Rachel Ehrlich was responsible for ensuring the appropriate handling and resolution of over 20,000 claims, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves. She evaluated matters to determine the merit of the claim, the reasonableness of the alleged damages, and the settlement value of the claim. As an insurance company executive, she established claims handling standards, administered audits, and addressed reinsurance issues.

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

As an insurance coverage lawyer, Rachel Ehrlich advised her client-employer regarding appropriate handling and resolution of matters across the country. She drafted insurance policy language, managed insurance coverage and bad faith litigation, and represented insurance companies in coverage disputes and litigation. This insurance coverage experience and expertise adds value to the resolution process, allowing her to understand and address insurance coverage positions that might pose an obstacle to resolution.  Ms. Ehrlich’s expertise includes property, liability, and automobile coverage, regulatory compliance, and good faith claim handling country-wide.

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