You are probably too busy to properly protect yourself and your ADR business without help!  As a CDRC Member you know your interests will be represented in Sacramento and before the courts throughout California.  In addition,…


As a member of CDRC you will effectively:
  • Be heard. Your views are important.  As a member of CDRC you can serve on its committees.  CDRC committees develop policy for ADR legislation, determine the substance for amicus briefs in important appellate court cases, and develoop strategies for enhancing the ways ADR is appreciated among key policy makers in Sacramento.
  • Protect your business. CDRC is your “trade organization.” Your support helps to not only ensure that ADR will be protected, but also that your ADR business will be able to grow and thrive.
  • Participate. CDRC meets face to face several times a year with key legislators on ADR related issues.  As a member you can know your point-of-view will be presented.  In addition, you can participate in some of those meetings.
  • Get connected. CDRC is the unifying force in the ADR field.  Find out what your contemporaries are thinking in the CDRC Newsletter.  Get CDRC’s Alerts about important new laws, court cases, and trends in Sacramento. Attend an Annual Conference to get connected and stay connected.
  • Educate. Legislators, who think they know about ADR and don’t, continue to be one of the greatest dangers to the health and prosperity of ADR.  CDRC educates Legislators in Sacramento, and participates in trainings and workshops geared toward every level of ADR practitioner.
  • Insure integrity. Regularly, there are threats to both arbitration and mediation in the legislature and in the courts.  For example, mediation confidentiality – which provides mediators the flexibility they need to resolve disputes and avoid getting subpoenaed to testify in court proceedings – is often threatened.
  • Become aware. New ADR issues arise that have the potential to dramatically effect ADR and your ADR business.  When you know about them, you can be part of formulating an effective response.


As a member you will also enjoy other benefits:
  • CDRC members can apply for arbitrator and mediator professional liability insurance from Complete Equities Markets, Inc. Click on the Applications tab and select “the CDRC”.
  • As an Affiliated Organization of the American Institute of Mediation, which is an organization for the training of mediators, CDRC members are entitled to a 10% discount for all AIM courses, books, materials, and other items in the AIM bookstore.
CDRC is the help you need to protect ADR and your ADR business. Participate by becoming a CDRC Member today!