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Praise for CDRC

CDRC has proven to be an effective voice for ADR in Sacramento.
Darrell Steinberg
Senate President pro Tem
CDRC is proving itself to be a welcome voice of reason in the all too often discordant halls of public policy
John Burton
Chair CA Democratic Party
I call on CDRC for its expertise and suggestions regarding ADR legislation.
Martha Escutia
Former Chair CA
Senate Judiciary Committee
CDRC is a resource on ADR issues for new and returning members in the state Legislature.
Robert Pacheco
Former CA Assemblyman






Members of the ADR community: You are proud of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) work you do, and it probably gives you great satisfaction. In your heart you know ADR can provide a relatively quick, equitable, and satisfying solution for most disputes. You are gratified that in a short time ADR has become a generally accepted approach to resolving many types of conflicts.

But in Sacramento and even in the courts, people are knowingly or inadvertently working to compromise the efficacy and integrity of ADR, as well as your ability to feel good about the ADR you practice. Every year old incursions are renewed and new attacks arise.

Unfortunately, you don’t have time to watch your back. You are busy with your business, performing ADR services, your family, pro bono and other work. In fact, you are probably desperate to find a little time for yourself.


CDRC watches your back

Fortunately, for almost 20 years, the California Dispute Resolution Council [CDRC] has been the effective voice for all aspects of the ADR industry in Sacramento and in the Courts.

CDRC represents ADR professionals, ADR organizations, community ADR organizations, and volunteers, as well as judges and others who care about ADR.  Learn more:

CDRC supports ADR professionals

You have a busy, successful practice that may include a full time or part-time arbitration and mediation business.  Since the mid-1990s, CDRC has been there for you: advocating, informing, and negotiating with policy makers to protect your ADR practice. (more...)

CDRC supports ADR organizations

CDRC is the legislative advocate for all of ADR. It actively supports ADR providers and membership organizations. Let’s face it: Most providers and industry organizations don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to take on the myriad of complex ADR policy issues that are constantly (more...)

CDRC supports community ADR providers

CDRC promotes the value and benefits of community-based mediation programs. Judges, county officials, and others who work with these programs every day know their value.  But legislators, the Judicial Council, and regulators who work in Sacramento often lose sight. (more...)

Here are two easy steps you can take:

To get started, become a member of CDRC. Or send a donation to CDRC. CDRC is fully funded by memberships and donations.

Or, to learn more about CDRC, the work it does, and how CDRC probably is an important organization for you, click here.